Around the su1873_A._and_C._Black_Map_or_Chart_of_the_Solar_System_-_Geographicus_-_SolarSystem-black-1873n, that is. One revolution a year. Once thought a mere satellite of Earth–the geocentric view–it turned out we’re the satellite ellipsing about in a heliocentric system. At some point in our egocentric lives-somewhere between eight and eighty–we each learn we’re not the center of the universe either.

This time of year, we’re fast approaching perihelion–closest to the sun in spite of the gathering cold. As Hams, we’re S-meter and Sun watchers. Greater activity of the latter leads to higher numbers on the former. Recent sun-spot and solar flux numbers have been some of the best this solar cycle. So far, every predicted (and lamented) downturn in solar activity this cycle has been followed by a flurry of good activity. It has to start declining sometime, so enjoy it while you can.